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Vi har förstått att kostråden är alldeles galna. För mycket kolhydrater och för lite naturligt fett gör oss sjuka. Gifter och tillsatser gör oss sjukare.
Vi vill äta naturlig, näringsrik och opåverkad mat.

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Författare Ämne: Basaltemperatur - ett sätt att testa sin sköldkörtelfunktion  (läst 37437 gånger)
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« Svara #30 skrivet: 2013.10.19 - 11:23:23 »

Ett inlägg om kroppstemperaturen inspirerat mycket av Matt Stone.


•Eat an appropriate amount of food. Many people, even those who are overweight, do not eat enough food to support their level of activity. This only serves to make the body think its experiencing a famine—and it causes the metabolism to slow down, so you can make the most use of the limited amount of fuel your body is getting. Not good.
•Don’t restrict the types of foods you eat. Learn the basics of how to eat healthy, and make sure your diet is balanced. We’re talking, a good amount of all three of the big macronutrients—fat, protein, and carbohydrates. They all are very important in supporting metabolism.
•Your cells need fuel for energy—and that includes a careful balance of glucose and electrolytes, including sodium—this is the stuff your cells’ “batteries” are made of. That means your diet needs to be balanced between sources of caloric energy, sodium, and fluids. Drinking too much water, and not eating enough sources of glucose and salt, can cause your metabolism to crash, and your body temperature to plummet.

•If you’re sedentary, find ways to work in small amounts of physical activity, and continue to make progress from there. Make the activity you do enjoyable—it doesn’t have to be a “work out!” Just going for a short walk each day may be all you need to start working in a healthy level of activity to support metabolic function.
•Don’t overdo it. Exercise can backfire on you—if it’s too much physical stress on your body, it can hurt your metabolism.

•Get on a sleeping schedule. Everyone knows that you should be getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but if you don’t plan for it, it won’t happen. Making sleep your top priority is a great way to see big improvements in your health, in a relatively short period of time.
•Start a calming bedtime routine that includes turning off stimulating lights from your computer and other screens, taking time to wind down, and eating a blood-sugar leveling snack to keep things stable through the night. A piece of cheese and some fruit works great!

•Address psychological sources of stress—emotional disturbances, unhealthy relationships, or stressful situations. If you can make a change in these for the better, do it. Get the support you need to help you through.
•Adopt therapeutic lifestyle habits. Allow time every day for downtime and relaxation, and even stress management activities and techniques like meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, or calming baths.
•Work on managing the environmental stressors in your life—even something as simple as spending too much time indoors and not getting enough sunlight, or being exposed to things which you are allergic to, can be sources of physiological stress.

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