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Titel: Two Pounds of Starch
Skrivet av: Subcalva skrivet 2017.04.23 - 19:04:38
Hittade precis den här bloggen om en kille som gått ner i vikt genom att äta HC och från början relativt LF även om jag tolkar det som att det gått över mer i MF. Det viktigaste i hans diet är hans bröd som han bakar själv.

So my diet will center around 5 lbs of white flour a week (ok, maybe 2/3 of that will be white, the other 1/3 will be spelt and rye) to make a daily fresh loaf of bread.  Yes, I love baking and eating bread, but more importantly, it’s basically the most universally feared food of the 21st century.  These days, bread is synonymous with “weight gain”, or even “poison” in some circles.

Oh, and of course, I’ll also use about 1/2 lb of white granulated sugar each week for my Kool-Aid.  Sugar alternates with bread at the top of everyone’s food paranoia list.

The inclusion of a whole chicken per week, with a dozen eggs, a 1/2 stick of butter, and occasional cream further confounds everybody, since no matter on which side of the carbohydrate fence you might sit, almost no one believes you can mix high carb with fat and cholesterol, and expect a healthy ending.

Som alltid gäller det att hitta det som funkar för en själv  :nod-yes:

https://2lbsofstarch.com/2017/03/30/my-neo-victorian-trolling-diet/ (https://2lbsofstarch.com/2017/03/30/my-neo-victorian-trolling-diet/)

Titel: SV: Two Pounds of Starch
Skrivet av: Subcalva skrivet 2017.04.23 - 19:06:23
Han skriver inte så många inlägg men här är ett från 2015 angående motion och ätande som jag tycker är intressant med tanke på vår diskussion i en annan tråd om motion gör att man äter mer eller inte.

After the accident, everyone (including myself) thought I’d gain weight. After all, I was going from 250km/week to sitting in a wheelchair for a month. And my diet is unlimited amounts of carbs. Well, I kept eating the same starch-based diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, minimizing added fats. I just ate a lot less, because I wasn’t hungry.

I never deprived myself, and didn’t worry or obsess about my weight. I could tell I wasn’t putting on any weight, so I just kept eating what I know to be healthy. I ate boxes of pasta, made into simple salads with avocado, onions, peppers, garlic, and tomatoes. I made rice and vegetables, and my usual curries and soups. I ordered big rice and bean burritos, two at a time, from Bearito Repulblic. I ate as much as I wanted, until I was full. This is basic Starch Solution eating.

When I could finally stand again, I thought I’d weigh myself. (I probably wouldn’t have, had I thought I ‘d gained.) As I thought, I lost weight. I weighed myself again a few days later, and confirmed what I felt. I was maintaining my weight with very little physical activity, and not changing my starch and vegetable diet.

https://2lbsofstarch.com/2015/06/30/losing-weight-in-a-wheelchair/ (https://2lbsofstarch.com/2015/06/30/losing-weight-in-a-wheelchair/)